Sep 18 2016

First Day at Niagara Falls

Category: Family & Friends,Leica Monkeys,TravelRandall Kelley @ 14:13

First a question: Why isn’t it pronounced Ni-Ah-Gare-Ah Falls? Sure as hell reeks havoc on my spelling having to think about the damn extra A every time! Just got the first days shots uploaded to the smug mug account. Day two will be next. This is one set of Rita’s color and one of my black and white. I honestly would never have imagined wanting to do a second day at the falls, as they seemed an over rated tourist site in my head before arrival. However, I have to admit I am a convert. Fantastic visit. I am also planning a trip back first really severe winter, as I have seen some winter shots to die for and I want some of my own.

Rita’s color set of day one is POSTED HERE.

My black and whites are POSTED HERE.

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