Nov 15 2006

Little Monkey

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 18:33

A dirty little monkey is running the planet, high on something like bloodlust, throwing lives away like banana peels, and spreading the seeds of hatred across the globe.

The Cowboy mutters, “I hate that little monkey!”

Ooops, there it is… The hatred that springs forth like a malicious, noxious weed, with it’s nasty roots crushing our hearts in its grip. Our best intentions brought down to the level of shouting slogans and epithets. We grind to a halt like computers infested with worms. It’s the infectious anger that is born from the frustration of the powerless.

The Transcendental Cowboy ponders the thought that ‘Make Love, Not War’ may just be more than a trite slogan. He calculates that if you focus on someone you love instead of someone you hate, you will do more good than spewing anger on others just because they happen to be nearby. Possibly, he thinks, when you get really good at it you may turn to past words of wisdom and understand what ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ was all about.

Then he says, “Damn you, little monkey!”, as he realizes he’s not there yet.


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