Nov 21 2006

Insanely Wet

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 18:37

A bright spot appeared in the sky, mimicking what the sun might look like if this place ever saw it. People covered their eyes and looked at each other quizzically, flummoxed by the sight. It was, of course, still pouring rain. There would be no reason for a sneak peek at the sun to dampen the dampening that the city was living with this year. Just because the monthly record had been set already was no reason for the weather gods to give a break to the waterlogged. There were, after all, still nearly two weeks left to accumulate more, and all the signs pointed to nothing but more wet.

The Transcendental Cowboy had seen a few unusual things recently. And while he wasn’t yet ready to concede biblical sign status to any of what he had seen thus far, he was to the point of questioning his vision, if not his sanity.

He felt obligated however, questioned sanity or not, to state the obvious. “I’ve never seen a duck wearing a raincoat before!”

To which the duck replied, “Well, I don’t see you running around dressed in feathers!”

And so, as the Transcendental Cowboy drifted away on a particularly intense gust of wind, he couldn’t help thinking to himself, “I wonder just what herb was in that herb tea?”


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