Nov 29 2006

They Invented Reincarnation

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 22:17

I can’t imagine that eternal reward should be any different than the material reward offered on this planet at this time. That is to say that the inherent reward in each may differ, money in this life and time in the hereafter, but in the way that money can be either a curse or a blessing, time could be the same.

Money can allow you freedom to help your loved ones, or get your loved ones kidnapped. Get you a new car or get you robbed. Eternity could be nice, making love or having desert forever. But eternity eating undercooked chicken and being molested by your worst enemy?

The Transcendental Cowboy checks his karma, and looks over his shoulder to be sure he hasn’t crossed anyone lately. Then he thinks of all his past mistakes. He wonders how many steps down the road one has to travel before leaving the ghost of transgression behind?

Then he announces his conclusion, “Not enough steps in this life, that’s for sure… No wonder they invented reincarnation.”


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