Dec 08 2006

Eat a Pie!

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 17:21

An overwhelming, mind numbing, and ball shrinking sense of doom seems to be the place the Cowboy has wandered into. Fast approaching the big three thousand and not looking forward to it one bit.

Others look nostalgically back at their tribal roots, not noticing that those roots are showing. And like a bleach blond that does not want to go brown, the Cowboy suspects the reemergence of tribal mentality is not a good thing.

“My tribe good, your tribe bad. Me wipe you off face of earth!”, the Transcendental Cowboy is muttering. (And this is while watching diplomats and world leaders in fine suits make their speeches to the world.)

Reminded daily that there is nothing Mohammad-like about the violence happening in his much abused name, nothing Moses-like in those tanks and bulldozers, and certainly nothing Christ-like in the daily pronouncements of judgment emanating from the mouths of televangelists and “mega church” pastors.

The Cowboy sneers, “Do you think when Jesus said to his followers ‘You are my church.’ he meant they were an auditorium size building?”

As the whole influx of rhetoric and bile neared the stage where his mental levees were going to play New Orleans on him, the Transcendental Cowboy yelled one last plea for peace an love. “Will the pious please just eat a pie? Leave the bombs, guns, and politics to people less willing to accuse, judge, and punish others in their God’s name. After all, that’s what ALL your prophets asked.”


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