Dec 21 2009

Ta Prohm, the Bayon, and Angkor

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Today in Siem Reap we stuck closer to town. Just outside really. We toured Ta Prohm, the Bayon, and Angkor Wat proper. The Bayon is a single monument really, though it is large and has several towers. But it is on the grounds of a larger area, while Ta Prohm is a smaller complex of it’s own. And then Angkor Wat is really the big Kahuna. Not as big as Angkor Tom (which was really a town more than a temple), but it does not have other monuments scattered around. Angkor Wat is all one big temple complex, intricately laid out and very structured and unified.

Angkor Wat is all about the presentation, there is no unimpressive approach, and no way that the pictures do it justice. We can only imagine how impressive it was when the now dingy sandstone was shiny new and bright white. The sheer amount of carvings is staggering.

At the end, Rita and I took a ride in a helium balloon to an altitude of 200 meters (a bit more than 600 feet) to bet a bird’s eye view if the whole complex. The impressive part of that for us was the amount of water surrounding the place. While you see creeks, canals, moats, and small rivers, you don’t really see it in the open enough to get a sense. There is water everywhere.

I will upload some shots from today, but due to the exigencies of the circumstances, I will be picking them from thumbnails and not having the benefit of checking out focus quality, etc before posting. I will be picking shots that show what we did, not great pictures. Unfortunately, I do think that even once we get home and can edit them, the shots of Angkor Wat will NEVER get close to simulating the experience. But then that’s why we travel, isn’t it?

Shots will be at the trainyard

Our best, R&R

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