Dec 22 2009

Reflections on a Bus

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We’ve been on the Mekong Express bus for about one movie plus about 10 minutes, but it was a short movie. We still have at least 4 hours to go.

The bus that picked us up at the hotel had Steve and the girls a bit worried, I guess I wasn’t clear in communicating that the bus to Phnom Penh had to be reached by a shuttle bus, as the station was at the edge of town.

The one we are on now is pretty nice (a tourist class bus). AC, they brought us a hand towel, some water, and a nice cookie and a roll when we boarded. And as I mentioned, showed a movie.

Watching the countryside roll be and seeing how they live is great. I am glad we chose not to do flights around over here, as we are seeing so much.

I love the houses in stilts here. It seem so logical, I can never figure out why Americans living on flood plains can’t adopt the technique.

Our first day in Siem Reap was pretty brutal, but that wasof our choosing, as we went to remote temples, one of which was over a hundred kilometers out on bad roads.

Still, I wouldn’t change a thing. We got a big benifit of seeing early Khmer dynasty works before seeing those from it’s glory days yesterday.

I can’t wait to see Tomb Raider again as yow of the place we saw were used in filming. I love watching a movie set in some exotic place and realizing, “Hey! We were there!”

We are hoping to get into Phnom Penh today with enough time to visit the “Killing Fields” and the war museum. Then I guess I’ll have anothe movie to watch again on return.

I watched a documentary on the Vietnam war called “Hearts and Minds” right before we left and that was pretty devastating. I probably enjoyed it more than I would on return after meeting all the nice people over here. War is a tragedy for all sides in any conflict.

I have been batteling with my technology every since we got here. It certain now, a new computer for the next trip. I’ve been able to get some of what I want up, but the process of posting photos is too onerous to be putting them up in the blog itself and elsewhere at the same time. I have chosen to stick with the trainyard site on SmugMug as it offers the highest quality of images, ans is about the easiest to use as well.

I apologize to all for having to do a two step process, but thems the breaks! The upside is it is easier to add comments on there as well, so check back as I have gone back and fleshed out the story of those shots at later times when I have more time.

The good side of tech is that even though my laptop ended up in the hold of this bus, I can do some reflecting and get it documented using my phone.

We really do hope all are well. We haven’t had a tv on or listened to a radio, or read a paper since our departure, and I’m enjoying that.

Peace and Love, R&R

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