Dec 23 2009


Category: TravelRandall Kelley @ 08:07

One quick note about the SmugMug site, I left the setting where you can adjust the view. If you look at them in “Journal View the will be much larger. Unless you are viewing full screen or slideshow view. If you leave them in thumbnail view, it’s easy to glance at each one, but they will be smaller. I encourage checking out the slideshows or Journal view, and for those with large screens scale as big as possible, as they “size up” to larger sizes once you past a point. Also you can download any you really want to see in detail at full resolution. RKK

One Response to “Trainyard”

  1. Mary says:

    R and R are still posting, some writings on facebook and you have to look at the smugmug (trainyard) site to see them, for some reason the greener pastures dispatch is not working… just and FYI for anyone following!