Aug 21 2006


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We are in the apartment of Marian (Mary Ann), a coworker of Sheila’s who also has a restaurant and a guesthouse, as well as this nice apartment we are at tonight. She is an Australian expat who seems to be building a small empire here. Tonight we ate at her French Restaurant before coming here for the night,

We were taken on a whirlwind auto tour of Dushanbe, as we only have tonight, and then we leave in the morning in Land Rovers for a 4 or 5 day trek through the Pamir Mountains of the Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Obalast (hereafter referred to as GBAO).

I have to say I like Dushanbe better than Moscow, just for the lack of high fashion and western trendiness of Moscow. Tajikistan seems to have held on to a lot of it’s traditional flavor. For example, the way the women dress.

Tajik women

We were warned not to be too obvious if we photographed the KGB buildings (across from Sheila’s offices). But that it was OK to take one of the statue of the founder if the KGB. They assure us they are no problem anymore, and the statue is just a reminder of the Soviet days, not an honor to the man.


Here is a shot of a pretty building.


And here is another reminder of the Soviet days.

Dushanbe Blocks

I am going to try and post this now, as I am quite sure no one will see a post here for the next four or five days. We will be quite out of touch on the trek. Hopefully, once we arrive in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, we will be able to share a bit on what it was like.

We have met the others accompanying us, and they all seem great. Marat (Merraht), Aziz (Ahziz), and Eugene, which is pronounced yevginny, but he is called Zhenya for short (Jzenya and thats the best phonetic spelling I can come up with some j in the zh). We will talk more about them after we have more time to get to know them.

This is Zhenya , Marat, Sheila, and me in Sheila’s office in Dushanbe.

Group in Office

And this is Marian, our host, and Aziz.

Marian and Aziz

Hope to be back with more soon.


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