Oct 12 2007

Last day Before travel

Category: TravelRandall Kelley @ 09:08

I’m just going to write a quick note now. We are packing for our return, and I will ruin out of internet soon.

We took the tour this morning, and it was very interesting. I don’t know yet how the pictures will turn out (we were mostly moving), but I will post some once we are home and have time to look through them.

Karen and Mike have headed out for an Airport hotel in Dublin, and will fly out for Malaga, Spain, early tomorrow. The rest of us will do our last dinner, and drive to the airport in the morning. Mary, Delmer, Rita, and I fly to Chicago at 11:50 AM. Steve and Diane have a day before she flies to DC and then after that Steve flys to Lisbon, Portugal. My, aren’t we an international lot!

Rita and I get into Seattle later in the evening Saturday. Fortunately we have a bit of recovery time before returning to work. Considering how we have killed our feet the last few days, we will need the R&R.

More coming, after I view our pictures from the last couple of days.
Till then, RKK

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