Feb 27 2011

About the Chicken

Randall Kelley @ 07:14

The chicken happened by accident. I started making the new blog by looking for a new theme. I liked the color scheme of this one called “starburst” but I didn’t like the decorations with it as they were just not personal to me. So I first replaced the “starburst” with my “RK in a circle” logo which also happened by accident. I was trying to smooth out the spot where the starburst logo had been previously, and accidentally got the “dish effect” and decided I liked it. Just like art school, ever the opportunist!

Next was some color décor that was at the bottom of the page. I first just eliminated it but found it really did make the look more dynamic to have something there. But I did not like what they had, so I started looking. I decided I wanted more bright reds and some dark colors, but I wanted an actual image, not a drawing. Then I remembered a rooster Rita shot in Key West recently, and it just struck me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I HATE chickens… except to eat of course, then I LOVE chickens, I mean it’s a toss up between chickens and sheep for worlds dumbest animal (Though I think chickens smell worse, at least in confined spaces.). However, I do find some of them pretty, and as my Grandpa Kelley used to raise exotic breeding roosters long ago, it just struck me as really making the site “Kelley”. The smaller version at the top replaced another bit of color the theme originally had between the body and the sidebar.

Then when it came time to give the blog a name and tag line the chicken helped, as I was struggling with something that would represent not just me but me AND Rita and “Randall & Rita’s blog” didn’t work for me due to it is two Rs. But as I worked on the tag line, running through various options, the explanation for the domain name that started out as “Randall & Rita, married since 1972″ evolved (with the help of childhood chicken memories) into “Randall & Rita Kelley, Real Krazy since 1972″ and thus “Real Krazy” was fully formed and then the chicken REALLY seemed to fit. Nothing crazier I can remember than watching chickens run around the back yard with their neck snapped by my dad. Same as “chickens with their heads cut off” but with the head still attached but flopping around wildly. Ahh, childhood memories… how sane might we be without them?

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