Sep 23 2007

Ireland Fall 2007

Randall Kelley @ 19:56

Here is the rough plan for our two weeks in Ireland and some maps for the curious. Routing is a rough plan, and will probably evolve. Hotels are all set, to the basics of it will probably stay set.

Day 0: Saturday Sept 29: Travel -Flights out

Day 1: Sunday Sept 30: Arrive Dublin
Day 2: Monday Oct 1: In Dublin
Day 3: Tuesday Oct 2: In Dublin

Day 4: Wednesday Oct 3: Pick up car, drive via the Wicklow Mountains and on to Cashel.
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Day 5: Thursday Oct 4: In Cashel with a possible day trip to Waterford.

Day 6: Friday Oct 5: From either Cashel by way of Blarney Castle. Portmagee means you do the “Ring of Kerry” but half day one (PM) and half day two. The big advantage of this is it’s really the only way the ring of Kerry works in and IF weather is good you might get to go to Skellig Michael on Saturday morning. However, they say in summer even it’s only 5 days of 7 they can land a boat. And it’s can be a strenuous climb. But honestly, if there was a chance to do it I’d risk my knee to try.
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Day 7: Saturday Oct 6: Dingle. From Portmagee, either drive to Dingle AM (no Skellig) or PM (they time the tours to the island so you can still drive to Dingle in the pm).
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I should mention I plan some stops at stone ruins of older times. There are many and so I won’t list them, and I probably won’t decide before we are there which to see. There is really NOTHING to them, but they fascinate me and I hope they will some of you as well. Here is some stuff to look at on ruins.

Day 8: Sunday Oct 8: To Galway via the Burrens and the Cliffs of Moher.
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Day 9: Monday Oct 9: In Galway, maybe take a boat to the Aran Islands.
Day 10: Tuesday Oct 9th: to Derry mostly driving and sightseeing from the car, more than anything else.
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Day 11: Wednesday Oct 10th: In Derry. Probably a day trip to The Giants Causway and Bushmills Distillery and return for the night in Derry.
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Day 12: Thursday Oct 11: to Belfast.
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Day 13: Friday Oct 12: In Belfast.
Day 14: Saturday Oct 13: Drive to Airport and fly home.
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Watch the blog for updates as we go. RKK

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