Apr 07 2016

New Used Camera Test

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 15:13

A small set from our yard of my first quick test of the Leica ME camera I picked up used. This is a camera with the same CCD sensor as my old M9s. I picked it up to hold be off for a couple of years while I wait to see if Leica gets their act together and creates a new M system camera of smaller size. Plus, I figure the CCD sensor is enough different (see the thousands of online arguments for and against) that keeping one for my vintage camera collection is a good idea. A small set of test (mostly flowers and a couple of us) are POSTED HERE.

Mar 15 2016

Shooting with the Hitler Lens

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 17:18

A set of Ektar color film from the 1949 Leica IIIc camera and the 1936 Leitz Hektor f6.3 28mm lens. This is the lens I lovingly refer to as my “Hitler lens” based on production in Germany in 1936. Fascinating to me is that the color from this lens is notably different than a lot of my other lenses, even some of the other older stuff. You can see strong vignetting in these, and while I could do some work and remove a lot of it. I actually like it. I mean, I wouldn’t like it this strong in a modern lens, but that’s part of what shooting the old stuff is all about. Anyway, decide for yourself on what you think of it. The set is POSTED HERE.

Mar 08 2016

Testing XP2 Super with an Orange Filter

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica Monkeys,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 15:46

Some more black and white from a couple of weeks ago around tacoma. These are from my M6 with the 28mm Elmarit lens and an Orange filter for better contrast. The start of the set are from a really, really rainy day, so you can feel see what our winter has been like. I think the Orange filter was a great help, as the skies seem much more dynamic with it. The set is POSTED HERE.

Mar 01 2016

Film Test from a Hasselblad 500 C/M

Category: Daily Drivel,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 17:56

Picked this up hoping for a really good 6X6 square format film camera. It has a Zeiss 80mm Planar F/2.8 lens. These are just test rolls (results from two) of TriX film. The results are POSTED HERE.

Mar 01 2016

Leap Day Shots

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 16:49

A couple of sets from my walk to lunch yesterday. The first set is just campus pictures from University of Puget Sound. Probably of no interest to anyone except someone wanting to know what the campus (about a mile from our house) looks like. IE, snapshots, basically. The second set is more interesting, at least it seems to me, as it is odd buildings and things I saw along the way. A bit more artsy fartsy. So the first set is POSTED HERE.

And the more fun set is POSTED HERE.

Feb 27 2016

Neighborhood Walk

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 20:20

Needed a walk and Rita wanted to see how far to the new location of her yoga studio. So we walked back street there and back, through areas we hadn’t been through yet. I have a small set posted from the walk taken with her M 240 with my 28mm Summilux lens. The set is POSTED HERE.

Feb 24 2016

Turning Japanese

Category: Canon Fodder,Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 13:39

A very small set from the same park as the other day, but with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens (made sometime in the 1960s). This is the one often referred to as “the Japanese Summilux” as a comparison to the Leica Summilux. Not a fair comparison, in my opinion as it sets it up to fail as the Leica referred to is pretty near perfection (had a few of those over the years). But also not fair in that it is very different and has a more distinct rendering than the Leica. “Rendering” is like “style” in that if you like it, great. If not, not so great. It is personality. And by comparing it you make someone expect it to compare in all aspects. It does not compare well then if it is so vastly different. Judged as just a great Japanese lens on it’s own, it actually stands out more as a more distinctive look. So like it or not? here are a few to check it out, but this is another rainy day, so the subjects don’t give it much of a test. However, I think there is enough of the look in there to get a hint at how distinct it is. The set is POSTED HERE.

Feb 19 2016

Inhale Einstein, Exhale Hitler

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 20:57

Continuing on my campaign to walk my weight back down. Today I ultimately logged 5 miles, not a ton, but far better than a couple of weeks ago. Today I took Rit’a M240, which I find too big and heavy for lugging around much. So I set it up with my 1936 Leitz Hektor f/6.3 lens which I refer to as my “Hitler” lens (due to being made in Germany in 1936). This lens does not play well with digital color, so I probable should have converted these to black and white. But I did my best to take down some of the purple (magenta) shift at the edges and am satisfied that they are passable in color.

Today was my first walk through this park that we have been seeing since we arrived down here. Weather was far from optimal, and thus the light was sub par as well. Most of these were shot with my umbrella in my coat pocket to keep rain off the lens. A couple were from before the park, and the ones from the Warbucks interior on are from the waterfront downtown shot while walking to the Tacoma Dome station to meet Rita when she got home from work. Now that I have diminished your expectations, today’s SET IS POSTED HERE.

Feb 16 2016

Walking around the Waterfront

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 19:48

Except for a few from up by Stadium High School after lunch, these are all along the north shore of Tacoma. Nothing new here. Just my something to do while trying to get in a few miles of walking. A few of these are multiple shots stitched together. The set is POSTED HERE.

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