May 09 2013

Look Up

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Two sets posted today. A very small set from my walk to work in the AM and from my PM walk to the drug store, and then a larger set (though not that large) of fog shots. Mostly looking at the tops of buildings shrouded in the fog that lasted until mid afternoon. I separated the small set from the others as they just didn’t fit with the fog shots. All are shot with the late 40s early 50s 85mm Canon lens. I wont urge you to zoom on the first of the morning stuff in the fog set as apparently I had a problem with it not focusing at infinity when wide open. I’m not 100 percent sure why yet, but at small size they are fine for viewing. It was the mood of the fog I was after, and they are fine for that. So here they are. First up, the smaller non fog related set, POSTED HERE.

And the fog stuff in it’s own set is POSTED HERE.


Feb 23 2012

Photos From Last Thursday

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I just put up a large batch of rocket and building details from our visit to the Kennedy Space Center. I know they won’t be for everyone, but there are some really interesting shots in there. ALL POSTED HERE.


Sep 13 2011

Bits & Pieces

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Small set from the Ranch. POSTED HERE.


Sep 12 2011

Extra Rita Shots

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Just a handful of shots. Mostly plants, plus a bonus dead bug (albeit I pretty one). POSTED HERE.


Aug 07 2011

Photography Test Stuff

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Yesterday we wanted to get out a bit and I had some tests I wanted to do. After talking to some of the Leica guys about how the last firmware upgrade was supposed to have helped with some of the color shift issues on the M9, I wanted to try the Voitlander 15mm lens and see if their was any sign of improvement. I also wanted Rita to shoot some with the M9 to see what she thought about shooting with it. The old M9 is in the shop as the shutter was spongy and sticky after the Africa trip (see the post of the dirty car in Tourou and you’ll understand why). When it comes back I may sell it to cover the cost of the upgrade of M9-P that I just got. But, after my experience with the M9 and reading of some others with worse luck than me, I’m thinking the advice from Mark at Glazers of “Having a backup isn’t a bad idea.” may indeed be good advice. Plus, there are situations where I wish Rita was NOT pulling a big professional looking DSLR up and attracting a lot of attention. So yesterday was a test day.

We went to lunch at Hale’s, our usual, and planned to do Golden Gardens for testing and training. However, Rita was trying to connect with a woman she met on her bus route, one of her regular passengers, who also likes photography. So plans changed and we headed to South Park (where she lives) to pick her up. We went from there for coffee at the Warbux in Tukwilla, and I started looking for places to shoot.

My work partner, Glenn, and I create special assignments for a program called “Wheels to Water” where school kids are taken to see various of King County waste water programs and learn everything from where our water comes from to where it ends up (after the toilet!). There is an area we send them where they tour the South Plant treatment facility, and then cross the street (literally) to a forrest and wetland area to see how the treated water is placed back into the wild.

I had no idea if it would be a good location, but it was close, and I was curious about it because of the program. So that’s where we headed next. Susi brought her camera, and I used Rita’s with the 24mm prime lens I got for it. And I handed off my baby to Rita. It probably was more difficult for Rita in some ways to try this for the first time while being distracted by conversation with someone she was just getting to know. But in retrospect, having her semi distracted may have been good as she really couldn’t worry about too many things, and so I just had her work on focus. I had her using the 50mm lens as it is very unforgiving and I knew I’d really be able to tell if she was “on” on not. As for framing and other details, I didn’t even tell her about the frame lines or the fact that she was not shooting everything that showed in the viewfinder until late in the session.

She has a natural talent or else the worlds best luck for framing as she had a lot of really great shots in her results. I’m curious to see how good she gets once she is comfortable with this camera. I hope she grows to like it, because just the first batch is in and I really like what she gets with it. I have posted all the shots from yesterday in the “Photography” category, though they could have been in the dailies as well. I put them in there because the captions are more to do with the shooting and what was going on there than with just the daily goings on. I hope those of you with an interest in photography will take a look. For those with no real interest in that side of things, they are still fun pictures so you might enjoy them as well, even if the captions don’t mean as much to you. They are all POSTED HERE.

I think she's starting to get comfy with that Leica. If it grows on her she gets the M9 when it comes back from the shop.


Aug 02 2011

Daily – S95 with Flare

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Some fun with (deliberate) flare using the S95 on my ride home from Pizza tonight, POSTED HERE.


Jul 30 2011

Daily Shooting with Rita’s, too!

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Just a small batch as I am taking pretty much a down day off from anything remotely resembling work. POSTED HERE.

Elysian Fields for lunch.


Jun 10 2011

A Couple of Leftover Batches

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A couple of collections. One of some kids in the park and some more shots of the park, POSTED HERE. And a batch of stuff around Jim and Lucy’s place, POSTED HERE.


May 31 2011

Plants and Flowers

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From this weekend. Mostly Rita’s. Got some really great stuff out of that 7D! POSTED HERE.


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